How Useful Is A Chainsaw Sawhorse?

A dedicated metal or wooden chainsaw sawhorse is a useful accessory that can really allow you to get the most out of your chainsaw whilst you are using it to cut logs and individual items of timber. As well as being useful it also allows you to work safer and normally faster whilst carrying out […]

About Chainsaw Oil

Interested in reading and finding out about chainsaw oil? When it comes to chainsaw oil, there is actually two different types of oil that we are referring to, without going at this time into different brands and specifications of the different oils that can be purchased and used, we think its best to clearly state […]

Buying A New Chainsaw In Sheffield

Buying a new chainsaw in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield can be easy and really straight forward, providing you know exactly what you are after… Are you after an electric powered chain saw for use in your own garden, allotment, or workplace? or maybe a heavy duty chainsaw for tree surgeon work in your […]

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Blade

Chain Condition – Is the blade on your chainsaw blunt? How can you tell when a chain is blunt? There are two simple indicators that will tell you when your chain on your electric chainsaw or petrol chainsaw requires sharpening.  See the latest price on Amazon UK for this product here First, the teeth on […]

Electric Chainsaws

Electric Chain Saws An Electric Powered Chainsaw can make light work of felling small diameter trees, undertaking pruning work at home in the garden, carrying out tree surgery work on the farm, on your estate, on a customers property, or in the workplace. Unlike Petrol Engined Chain Saws they require very little maintenance and have […]