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Welcome to www.chainsawguide.co.uk. The leading online resource website for everything to do with chainsaws including electric, petrol, and the latest cordless rechargeable battery operated chain saws from leading brand names including Black and Decker, Bosch, Echo, Husqvarna, Makita, Ryobi, Stihl, and many more….

No matter where you live or work in the UK, an electric or petrol chainsaw can be most one of the useful and valuable outdoor tools that you buy or hire, allowing you to undertake a wide range of cutting, logging, and sawing applications, both at home, on the farm, and in the workplace….

You can buy a new chainsaw in the UK, and a great online price from our featured advertisers and suppliers. We feature a popular selection of outdoor equipment and garden machinery suppliers that sell two stroke petrol engined chain saws, four stroke petrol chainsaws, electric operated models, and the latest cordless (rechargeable battery powered) models too.

Some of the models that we feature information on include the new Hyundai HYC6220 Chainsaw and the popular Ryobi RCS3840T model.

This range of recommended suppliers and outlets includes online dealers that offer a fast delivery service direct to you by mail order as well as from traditional “bricks and mortar” stockists and sales agents that are based in most major UK cities, villages, and towns including those situated in Bakewell, Barnsley, Batley, Bath, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bradford, Buxton, Castleford, Chesterfield, Derby, Dinnington, Doncaster, Dronfield, Gainsborough, Goole, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull, Immingham, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Mansfield, North Hykeham, Nottingham, Nuneaton, Orpington, Peterborough, Preston, Rochdale, Rotherham, Runcorn, Scarborough, Selby, Sheffield, Skegness, Southampton, Street, Wakefield, Worksop, and Wolverhampton.

Live elsewhere? don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you! There is usually a good sales agent or stockist of electric and petrol powered chainsaws in all major UK / GB towns and villages!

Save Money On A New Chainsaw……

One of the objectives of our website is to save customers and our website visitors money when they are ready to invest and buy a new chainsaw, as well as related accessories, chain saw protective clothing and footwear, accessories, and attachments.

This includes not only the latest chainsaw models, but items such as replacement chain blade loops, chain bars, pull-cords, spark plugs, air filters for petrol chain saws, and equipment including wooden sawhorses and metal sawhorses.

We also feature details and information on consumable items including quality two stroke oil and chain oil to use with your saw.

What Is A Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a very effective and efficient outdoor power tool that can be used to prune, carry out logging, or cut trees. Working in a very efficient way they have the power to tackle tougher jobs such as chopping down trees and sawing all sizes of logs with ease.

Depending on the individual power of the electric chainsaw, cordless chain saw, or petrol chainsaw that you buy, and its chain blade and bar size. Our featured listings covers a large range of this type of saw including big name brands to provide you with plenty of choice and options.

You can choose to buy from a multitude of models that are packed full with a choice of benefits for different user requirements to make light work of cutting hard and soft wood or for when tackling logging applications.

Cordless, electric powered, and petrol engined chain saws are available in a range of bar lengths to suit the diameter of wood you’ll be cutting (or the diameter of the log), and power types to suit your individual needs. As a general rule the higher the engine size (or wattage of an electric model) the more power and tougher jobs your chainsaw will be able to tackle. As a rule, petrol engined models will always deliver more power than electric powered models.

As regards electric models, usually the higher the power of the motor means it will also cut quicker than a smaller (wattage) one, the same applies for petrol chainsaws, the bigger the engine capacity also means it will cut faster. Different sizes of chain bars though do alter this.

How To Sharpen The Blade On Your Chainsaw

This is one of the most common questions and tasks that a new chainsaw owner faces…..

After your new chainsaw has been put to use, maybe in the garden, the allotment, on the estate or farm, on the building site, or instead is being on a site by a professional gardener, landscaper or local tree surgeon, as wear and tear mounts up the time will come when its blade becomes blunt, will not cut as good as it used too, and will need sharpening or alternatively replacing with a new loop blade. When this happens it is not as scary as you think to sharpen the blade on a chainsaw, or for that matter very difficult!

If you buy yourself a chainsaw sharpening kit, or separately a chainsaw file, measuring gauge, and profile gauge (you can buy them all together in a sharpening kit accessory – which is usually the cheapest way to buy them) you can easily and quickly sharpen the blade on your chainsaw when it becomes blunt or worn.