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You will find a selection of website links that we feel are appropriate to customers and user of all types of chainsaws whether they are electric powered, driven by a rechargeable battery, or powered by a petrol engine.

Bosch UK’s range of electric powered chain saws.

Bosch manufacture a great range of useful and popular electric chain saws, aimed at the home user who needs one of these gardening tools to carry out essential garden maintenance as well as landscaping projects in their own garden. In our view they offer great performance as well as robustness and reliability when compared to some other brands of similar products.

Bosch have also recently developed and launched a choice of battery models too, being fitted with high performance rechargeable batteries. These cordless models are ideal if you are working some distance away from the house or garage, eliminating the need to have a trailing electrci power lead from your tool to the house. – view their current range here

Stihl GB’s range of petrol chainsaws – view their current UK range here

Chain Saw Sawhorses

These are one of the most underrated accessories that most people forget about when choosing to invest and buy a new chain saw. Without costing the earth to buy, a sawhorse can rapidly speed-up logging work especially when being used for cutting firewood to use with a log burner or traditional heating stove.