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Bosch UK’s range of electric powered chain saws.

Bosch manufacture a great range of useful and popular electric chain saws, aimed at the home user who needs one of these gardening tools to carry out essential garden maintenance as well as landscaping projects in their own garden. In our view they offer great performance as well as robustness and reliability when compared to some other brands of similar products.

Bosch have also recently developed and launched a choice of battery models too, being fitted with high performance rechargeable batteries. These cordless models are ideal if you are working some distance away from the house or garage, eliminating the need to have a trailing electric power lead from your tool to the house. – view their current range here

McCulloch UK’s range of chainsaws

McCulloch is a brand name that has been well known in the UK now for many years when it comes to garden machinery for the home user. At the present time they market a choice of chainsaws that include 2 stroke petrol engined ones, a 240v electric model (CSE2040S), and also a battery (cordless-rechargeable) Li58CS model too.

If you need to contact McCulloch direct in the UK their website contact details can be found here

No article on chainsaws would ever be complete without mentioning the brand name of Stihl. They are perhaps the most well known name in particular when it comes to professional chain saws and also have one of the largest model ranges of any forestry equipment manufacturer with regards to this type of specialist tool.

Within their current model line-up are “light duty” saws that are perfect for the home user and light trade user, these are tools that are suitable for general grounds maintenance, pruning work in the garden, the felling of small trees, and for the cutting of firewood.

Within this range are models such as the popular Stihl MS170, MS151, MS171, MS180, MS181, MS181 CB-E, their MS211, MS231, and MS251 models.

About the Stihl MS170 Petrol Chainsaw” – although this is the entry level model from Stihl and the cheapest one in their range, it is still a good all-rounder for home users that only need a small capacity petrol chain saw.

Stihl MS170 Chainsaw
Stihl MS170 Chainsaw

Coupled to its 12″ bar (30cm) is its 30.1cc two stroke petrol engine that develops 1.2kW / 1.6bhp, with this bar size you cut logs and fell small trees up to a trunk diameter size of approximately 9″ to 10″. Chain adjustment is manual and you will need to use a spanner and screwdriver to do this, but this necessary tool is supplied in the box as standard equipment when you buy a MS170 saw. Weight is a very manageable 4.1kg (without the bar and blade fitted) so if your after a lightweight saw this could be the one recommended for you!

The recoil pull-starter is also easy to use, and as long as you keep on-top of basic maintenance with this saw you can expect it to fire-up and start on typically the first or second pull.

You can also buy models that have been designed for agricultural and landscaping use. This currently includes the MS271, MS291, and MS391.

You can choose from models too that are specific for arborist and forestry work by professionals in these industries. Some of the chain saws in these categories include the Stihl MS201, MS241, MS261 C-M, MS362, MS400, MS462, MS500i, MS500i W, and the MS661 C-M.

Stihl manufacture and sell through their dealers models that are electric driven, petrol engined, as well as cordless, this last option being powered by heavy duty rechargeable battery packs.

Stihl GB’s range of petrol chainsaws – view their current UK range here

Chain Saw Sawhorses

Chainsaw Sawhorses

These are one of the most underrated accessories that most people forget about when choosing to invest and buy a new chain saw. Without costing the earth to buy, a sawhorse can rapidly speed-up logging work especially when being used for cutting firewood to use with a log burner or traditional heating stove.

Sawhorses for use with chain saws tend to be made from either wood or metal, with metal ones usually being manufactured with a painted steel or galvanised steel coating. The latter being more resistant to corrosion and rusting that just having a painted finish.

Metal versions are also more robust if the user should accidentally touch the chainsaw sawhorse with the tools cutting blade. As you can imagine, if this happens with a wooden sawhorse there is a risk that you could cut through it causing a fair amount of unnecessary damage.

The Top-Class 2 Stroke Oil To Use With Your Petrol Chainsaw

If you are a new-owner, or an existing and experienced user of a petrol chain saw – its important to recognise that buying and using the best 2 stroke oil possible will protect the engine parts on your saw as well as allowing it to deliver the best cutting performance.

On buying their first petrol chainsaw, maybe a Hyundai HYC6220 Petrol Chainsaw or a McCulloch CS35S 14″ Chainsaw, its good practice for any “first time buyers” to start using the best 2 stroke chainsaw oil from the start, such as the high quality oil from Oregon.

View more details on what we believe is the best 2 stroke chainsaw oil here