McCulloch CS340 38cc Petrol Chainsaw

A 40cm (16″) Bar Size Petrol Chainsaw – aimed at the home user / gardener that is looking to buy an inexpensive chain saw for use at home

McCulloch CS340 Chainsaw
McCulloch CS340 Chainsaw

About the McCulloch CS340 2 Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

The new McCulloch CS340 Chainsaw is as per most models of this type of chainsaw a tool that is designed for occasional use by the DIY user. Selling for well under the £200.00 UK price point it is really good value for money in our opinion when you consider what you are getting for your money!

At this sale price it is as you would expect be fitted with a two stroke engine, currently there are no four stroke diy chainsaws on sale for this price bracket, and for a very good reason. But what you get when choosing to buy the McCulloch CS340 Chainsaw is good enough anyway – expect a powerful (1.3kW output) 38cc two stroke petrol engine coupled to a large 40cm (16″) bar and cutting chain, automatic chainsaw oil pump, a long-life air filter, a “soft start” pull-cord engine starting system”dual action chain brake, and McCulloch’s anti vibration system.

This latter feature has been designed into this tool to isolate the user from the tools engine and cutter bar vibrations to a minimum, making the tool more comfortable to be used for longer periods before fatigue sets in.

The McCulloch CS340 Petrol Chainsaw is sold from most UK sales agents with a 40cm (16″) bar and chain. It can though be retro-fitted with a 35cm (14″) bar and chain as well.

Rear View Of The McCulloch CS340 Chainsaw
Rear View Of The McCulloch CS340 Chainsaw

McCulloch CS340 Specifications

  • 38cc two stroke petrol engine (runs on unleaded petrol, power output is 1.3kW / 1.8hp)
  • 40 cm (16″ length) standard guide bar and loop cutting chain supplied
  • 3 point anti-vibration isolation system (from engine mounts and cutter assembly)
  • A high chain speed of 16.8 m/s
  • Automatic chain oil lubrication (to bar and cutting chain)
  • Dual-action chain safety brake
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • On board tool storage
  • Chain oil tank capacity is 0.21L
  • Weight is 5.2kg (excluding bar, chain, and fuel / oil content)
  • Domestic warranty period of 12 months in the UK (for home users, not professional users)
McCulloch Chainsaw
McCulloch Chainsaw

The above image of this McCulloch Chainsaw show some of it’s main user controls, notably the pull-cord handle that is used to start it’s engine, the fuel primer bulb (just above the pull cord handle) that is used to prime the engine with fuel prior to starting. You can also see the red and blue controls, one being the on-off switch, the other being the choke control that is used to start the saws engine when it is cold. The rear handle has an upper and lower throttle control, these control the running (cutting) speed of this chainsaw whilst it is in use.

Note the black coloured safety guard that is just in-front of the main top handle, this protects the user hands from being scratched whilst the tool is being used for logging and pruning work, it also activates the saws kick-back safety cut-off device if necessary.