What Is The Best 2 Stroke Oil For A Chainsaw?

If you are the new owner of a petrol chainsaw, maybe the the latest McCulloch model, a Cobra CS420, a Hyundai HYC6220, Ryobi RCS3840T, or even a high quality Stihl model from their entry level Stihl MS170 Chainsaw upwards, you are going to need to buy and use 2 stroke oil that is suitable for use with your petrol chainsaw.

Without the purchase and addition of this lubricating oil the engine on your chain saw will not be able to run and operate.

All two-stroke powered items of garden machinery (including not only chainsaws but products such as portable generators, lawn mowers, brush cutters and line trimmers, pole trimmers, hedgecutters, hedge trimmers, disc cutters) need their fuel supply (petrol) to be mixed with a good quality engine lubricating oil – which is referred to as simply; 2 stroke oil.

When purchasing a new chainsaw, we are hopeful that your supplying dealer will have asked the question of “do you have some 2 stroke oil?”

Unfortunately in a lot of instances this never takes place, and especially so when dealing with online shops and sellers of petrol chain saws where you never actually speak to a chain saw expert!

It was no surprise to find out (when we carried some market research out with courtesy and help provided by ABCSEO in Sheffield) that most retailers of powered garden machinery in the UK do not ask basic questions such as this, and are simply in what seems a rush to sell you a new machinery product rather than catering for your whole needs, and omits to offer their customers the best 2 stroke oil for a chainsaw as well as essential chain oil, useful chainsaw sawhorses, protective clothing to wear, the best chainsaw sharpening kits, and much more.

What Is The Best 2 Stroke Oil For A Chainsaw?
Oregon 90720 – One of the best 2 stroke oils for chainsaws (1L Size)
Oregon 90720 2 Stroke Oil

Oregon 90720 2 Stroke Oil For Petrol Chainsaws (1L Bottle Size)

In our view, we think that you cannot really go wrong when looking for the best two-stroke engine oil to use with your chain saw to choose anything other than this oil that is produced and marketed for sale by Oregon.

If you don’t have access to this particular product or simply find that it’s hard to find to buy then by all means go ahead and buy another brand or catalogue number of oil (maybe an ALM bottle of oil, or a similar two stroke oil that is available and sold by Draper, Handy, Makita, Ryobi, or Stihl to name a few other popular brands).

The Oregon 90720 bottle of engine oil is a low smoke, semi synthetic and high performance oil that is suitable for use with a wide range of two-stroke petrol engines, typically as are fitted to most makes and models of petrol chainsaw.

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Features of this recommended oil to use with all petrol engined chain saws:

  • A Low Smoke, Refined Oil Designed For Use With Outdoor Garden Machinery
  • Semi-synthetic Properties To Prevent Wear Under Tough Conditions
  • Can Be used With Unleaded As Well As Unleaded Petrol (Gasoline)
  • Can Be Used At Fuel To Oil Mix Ratios Of Up To 50:1
  • Suitable for Use In Chainsaws, Brushcutters, Hedgetrimmers, Petrol Stihl Saws, and Other Two-Stroke Powered Machinery

Oregon 90891 2 Stroke Oil For Petrol Chainsaws (5L Bottle Size)

Oregon 90891 5L 2 Stroke Oil
Oregon 90891 5 Litre Bottle Of Two Stroke Chainsaw Engine Oil
Oregon 5L Two Stroke Oil For Petrol Chainsaws

As well as being able to buy in an useful 1 Litre bottle size (under the Oregon code number of 90720) this recommended brand and specification of lubricating oil is also available in an economical 5 Litre bottle size.

The larger bottle size carries the original Oregon manufacturer product code of 90891.

It is worth considering buying a 5L bottle of 2-stroke oil if you have a fair amount of work to get through with your petrol chainsaw or if alternatively you also are going to be using a petrol engined brushcutter, hedgetrimmer, disc cutter, long reach pole trimmer, or other items of powered garden machinery.

Qualities Of A Good Lubricating Oil

  1. Prevents overall wear and tear of the tools engine components
  2. Prevents damage with cold engine start-ups
  3. Prevents damage when the saws engine is hot
  4. Keeps the internal engine parts clean 

The whole purpose of having a good oil to lubricate the working parts of a petrol chain saws engine is to safeguard the internal engines components against corrosion, excessive wear, and damage caused by varying temperatures, in particular excessive heat.

In order to allow a petrol engined chainsaw to perform as intended and for long periods of time in tough working conditions, it’s important to use a good quality of lubricating oil within its engine.

The same applies for giving the saw a good lifespan, using the best two stroke oil available will prevent unnecessary engine wear and tear and will give you as the owner the best value for money as regards longevity of ownership with the tool, before any early repair bills come around, as could be the case if you used an inferior oil as opposed to the best that is available.

The viscosity of the oil plays a large part of preventing wear and tear and at different temperatures, such as when you start your chain-saw up from being totally cold, or when it has been cutting logs for an hour or two and its engine is really hot

Oregon 2 stroke oil has been designed with this in-mind, having a viscosity specification and properties to protect your chain saws engine when it is cold or when it is hot.

Oil Correctly Mixing With The Lubricating Oil:

A good indication of a quality two-stroke oil is how the oil mixes with the petrol (the fuel).

Unlike inferior brands and specifications of oil, Oregon 2 Stroke Chain Oil (as can be purchased online in both the 1L 90720 and 5L 90891 bottles) has been designed and formulated to mix easily with both unleaded as well as leaded petrol (gasoline).

Keeping Your Tools Engine Parts Clean:

Often overlooked, apart from if your an experienced garden machinery technician, or a lawnmower repair agent, for a 2 stroke engine to work correctly and efficiently it’s internal engine components as well as it’s fueling system needs to be cleaned and free of dirt and carbon build-up.

Using the best 2 stroke oil available for chainsaws will help you keep these parts and components as clean as possible, until serious wear and tear takes place or essential maintenance is needed.

Useful Note: As with all items of powered garden machinery – please follow and adhere to the maintenance advice that is supplied with your own particular make and model of chainsaw.

As well as using the “top” 2 stroke oil that is available you can keep your saw cutting and running as best as possible by keeping on-top of any required and recommended routine maintenance.

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