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How To Sharpen A Chainsaws Blade

If you own or use a chain saw, regardless of whether it is a petrol model, an electric one, or one of the newer rechargeable battery operated ones, at some point it’s cutter blade will become blunt, worn, and will need resharpening.

Our article tells you all you need to know about sharpening a chain saws blade, using a set of files and a profile gauge. These useful tools can be purchased in a useful chainsaw sharpening kit set or alternatively can be bought separately if required.

Best Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

The most popular Oregon Chainsaw Sharpening Kit is their kit reference number 558488, this is a kit for sharpening chains that are 1.3mm, 3/8″ and 1/4″ chains.

As regards a Stihl Chain Saw Sharpening set, their most popular set in their part number 5605 007 1027 set, this is suitable for their 3/8″ and 1/4″ picco type loop chains.

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Chainsaw Sawhorses: How Useful Are They?

An article that provides information on metal and wooden saw horses that are sold for use when cutting logs with your chain saw.

Asking yourself if you should buy one? What is a sawhorse? What are the advantages in a metal one over a wooden one and vice versa?

Chainsaw Sawhorse

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Metal chainsaw sawhorses are more robust than wooden ones, but they do weight more and are usually more costly to buy. For occasional use a wooden chainsaw sawhorse like the one manufactured and sold by Stihl is quite sufficient, but if you can afford to but a metal version then this is what we would recommend.

Hyundai HYC6220 Petrol Chainsaw

Read our article and review on the popular Hyundai 6220 20″ Petrol Chainsaw.

A great cost effective chain saw that is taking the UK by storm compared to other brands including McCulloch, Spear & Jackson (now sold via Argos / Sainsbury’s) Challenge (another budget brand sold via Argos), McGregor, Mac Allister (sold in B and Q stores in the UK), Erbauer (sold in various UK outlets) and Ryobi.

The Hyundai HYC6220 Chainsaw is packed full of features and is really simple to use. Ideal for tree pruning, cutting back shrubbery in your garden, cutting logs for your firewood log burner, and lots more.

Hyundai Petrol Chainsaw

This model of petrol chainsaw is available from reputable garden machinery stockists throughout the UK including in the regions of Derbyshire, Humberside, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, East, West, North and South Yorkshire.

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Ryobi RCS3840T 40cm 16″ Chainsaw

Read our website post on the new Ryobi RCS 3840T petrol chainsaw.

Ryobi Petrol Chainsaw

This is a modern 16″ bar size two stroke engined chain saw that is aimed at the home user that needs a powerful saw for use in the garden, the allotment, and for carrying out a wide range of applications including logging work, pruning trees and hard shrubbery, cutting firewood, and alos for use on general construction projects where the rough cutting of timber is needed.

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McCulloch CS340 40cm 16″ Chainsaw

McCulloch have been a reputable supplier of gardening machinery in the UK for many years now, and when it comes to catering for the needs of the DIY user and home gardener – they have a strong range of very popular products.

McCulloch Petrol Chainsaw

Within their current range in the UK is the McCulloch CS340 Petrol Chainsaw, it is available to buy from a range of leading suppliers as well as from online shops too. It is supplied in most outlets with a 40cm (400mm / 16″) chain bar and cutting chain, but can also be retro-fitted with a 35cm (14″) one too.

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Cobra CS420 35cm 14″ Chainsaw

Cobra is a brand of garden machinery that is available from a strong UK network of garden machinery dealers and merchants as well as via online sellers in the UK.

Cobra Petrol Chainsaw

Within their current model line-up is a very popular and “best buy” model of petrol chainsaw” – this being the CS420-14, this particular 2 stroke petrol engined chain saw has a 35cm (14″) bar and chain as standard (a 16″ version is also available) and is packed full of useful features.

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Einhell GC-PC 1335 14″ Petrol Chainsaw

Einhell is a company that was founded in 1964, it’s based in germany and is one of the Worlds leading manufacturers of hand held power tools as well as items of gardening equipment. Einhell UK was established in Merseyside in the UK in 1999 and caters for the UK market of DIY and professional users that are looking to buy a portable power tool or item of garden machinery.

Within the current range is the Einhell GC-PC 1335 Petrol Chainsaw. This a 41cc 2 stroke petrol chainsaw that is fitted as standard equipment with an Oregon 35cm bar and chain.

An ideal petrol chainsaw of choice for the home user and especially for users that just need to cut logs down into firewood for a wood burner, the Einhell GCPC1335 offers great value for money especially when you consider its overall features and its low selling price.

Einhell 35cm Petrol Chainsaw

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Stihl MS170 Petrol Chainsaw 12″

This is one of the most popular 2 stroke petrol chainsaw models that you can buy! And as you would expect from Stihl it is built to a very high quality and comes from perhaps the most well known manufacturer of chain saws Worldwide.

If you only have a need for a model with a blade of this size (it is fitted with a 300mm / 12″ bar and cutting chain) it is well worth having a closer look at the Stihl MS170 Petrol Chainsaw.

Stihl MS170 Two Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

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Oregon 2 Stroke Oil For Chainsaws

Oregon manufacture and distribute Worldwide their high quality 2 stroke oil that is designed for use with not only petrol engined 2 stroke chainsaws, but for use with products such as petrol disc-cutters (Stihl Saws), brush cutters, hedgecutters, hedge-trimmers, long reach pole-trimmers, lawnmowers, and many other 2 stroke powered items of garden machinery and small plant.

Whether you need to use a 2-stroke chainsaw in Fulham in the UK or Florida in the USA, Oregon 2 stroke oil is a brand and specification of oil that is worth buying!

This particular lubricant is recognised by many agricultural and landscaping users as being the amongst the “top 2 stroke oil that you can buy” – and for good reason!

Its specifications and viscosity allows it to protect the internal engine components of your two-stroke chain saw to the highest level possible, and without it costing a fortune to buy.

Top Two Stroke Chainsaw Oil

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