Stihl MS170 Petrol Chainsaw 12″

A 30cm 2 stroke high quality but light duty petrol chainsaw from Stihl

Stihl MS170 Chainsaw
The Recommended Stihl MS170 Chainsaw

Product Description

The Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw is a high quality entry-level compact sized chainsaw that is aimed at both professional and domestic users.

This particular item of powered garden machinery can be used for most home tree pruning and arborist jobs such as the cutting of small trees (up to around 10″ trunk diameter size), maintaining shrubs, undergrowth, and woody-bushes in the garden.

It is also a good compact sized chainsaw that can be used for the cutting of firewood and for undertaking general timber cutting jobs. 

The particular model of Stihl chainsaw is really easy and straight forward to use, mostly due to its overall features and specifications, having just a few simple controls to master, and because of its compact and lightweight design that enables users to work for long periods of time in the garden, without experiencing fatigue.

The Stihl MS170 Compact Chainsaw

The Low Manageable Weight Of This Petrol Chainsaw

This “best buy” and “recommended” petrol chain saw has a low weight of just 4.1 kg excluding the weight of its bar, the cutting chain and fuel, so remember that if you are a beginner to chainsaws that this tool will weigh a little more than what is commonly advertised by garden machinery sales outlets and merchants.

These components don’t add much though to its overall weight and actually balance the machine out quite evenly when they are fitted in-place.

We recommend that from the start you totally fill-up the saws onboard fuel tank and chain oil reservoirs as they will usually both need refilling around the same time making essential running maintenance far easier than otherwise.

It is also a great reminder to new owners of a petrol chainsaw that follows this practice, as if it is followed it means that when the fuel tank needs refilling, the chain oil tank needs filling back-up too. Both reservoirs should be checked on a regular basis though as a matter of course to check against the risk of the fuel or onboard oil supply running out.

Stihl MS170

Easy To Use Controls On The Stihl MS170

For users that choose to buy the Stihl MS170 Petrol Chainsaw a big feature is its easy to use controls and in particular the saws single lever master control.

Stihl MS170 Chain Saw Single Lever Control

Unlike a lot of other petrol chain saws this features consists of a single lever that operates the machines main operating functions including the choke, start, throttle, and also stop.

Automatic Chain Lubrication

Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Oil Lubrication

Another useful feature of the MS170 12″ saw is its automatic chain oil lubrication feature that is known as Ematic. As long as a Stihl Oilomatic chain is always fitted this provides automatic oil feed to the tools chain bar as well as its chain.

It is claimed that this feature provides the benefits of reduced oil consumption when compared to other makes and models of chain saws, maximum possible lubrication, and a longer service life from the saws loop cutting blade as well as its chainbar rails.

Of course this feature also requires a good quality of chain oil to be used such as the chain oil featured here.

Stihl’s Anti-Vibration System

Stihl MS170 Anti Vibration System

Yet another good feature on this “recommended entry level chain saw” is its anti-vibration system. You could refer to this as components on the machine that work together to reduce the level of vibration that is passed through to its operator whilst wood is being cut.

It is a well known fact that intense vibration at the handles of power tools and garden machinery can lead to the medical condition that is called vibration white finger. The overall usage time of any power tool should always be monitored but this anti vibration system really does dampen down vibrations on the MS170’s handles.

Fuel – Air Mixture Compensator

This is a control device that is within the Stihl MS170’s carburretor (a part that is fitted to its two-stroke engine).

Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Fuel Compensator Device

Over time as the machines air filter becomes dirty and starts to clogg, this compensator prevents the fuel to air mixture going out of tune and getting richer. It allows the correct amount of fuel to be delivered to the tools carburettor depending on the amount of air that passes through its air filter.

By keeping the fuel to air mixture in the right ratio it keeps the engine firing correctly and also the delivery of its cutting power. As well as this benefit it also extends the maintenance period for cleaning of the air filter.

Protective Chain Cover

MS170 Chain Scabbard Cover

To protect the tools loop blade whilst the saw is not being used a protective chain cover is supplied with each Stihl MS170 Petrol Chainsaw purchased.

Also often referred to as a scabbard this cover simply slides over the saws bar and blade, protecting the user from cuts and scratches whilst the saw is being transported or being stored away.

Stihl MS170 Chainsaw 12″ Specifications

  • 30.1cc two stroke petrol engine (runs on unleaded petrol, power output is 1.3kW / 1.8hp)
  • 30 cm (12″ length) standard guide bar and loop cutting chain supplied
  • Stihl anti-vibration system (from engine mounts and cutter assembly)
  • A high chain speed of 18.6 m/s
  • Automatic chain oil lubrication (to bar and cutting chain)
  • Safety chain brake device
  • Manual chain tensioning
  • Supplied with protective chain scabbard cover
  • Weight is 4.1kg (excluding bar, chain, and fuel / oil content)
  • Renowned quality from the Worlds leading manufacturer of chainsaws
  • Domestic warranty period of 24 months in the UK (for home users, not professional users)