Ryobi RCS3840T Petrol Chainsaw

40cm 16 Inch Petrol Chainsaw – Ideal for the home user

Ryobi RCS3840T 2 Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

This is another great value for money petrol chainsaw that can be purchased in the UK from many leading chainsaw and garden machinery suppliers.

As with all of the gardening tools that is within the Ryobi Garden Machinery range the RCS3840T Chainsaw offers class leading features both for cutting performance as well as safety, in the details below we will review these and help you make your own mind up on whether this is the right petrol chain saw for you to buy.


To start off, this particular chainsaw has a large capacity 40cm (16″) bar and chain that is driven a powerful and modern 37.2cc 2 stroke petrol engine. For the technically minded the engine fitted to this Ryobi Chainsaw develops 1.8Hp (1.3kW).

Some of its really useful specifications / features includes automatic cutting chain lubrication, adjustment of the chain is tool-less, and when maintenance is due the spark plug and protective air filter is accessed via an easy to open top cover on this particular saw.

The Ryobi RCS3840T Petrol Chainsaw also boasts a 3 point anti-vibration isolation design, this allows the user to run the saw for periods of time with cutting and engine vibration reduced to a very large degree, making it more comfortable to use, this is especially so of you are reading reviews and looking for a home-user chainsaw predominantly for logging work and tree pruning.

As with most saws of this type, this Ryobi Chain Saw is fitted a chain-brake safety device. This feature stops the cutting blade on the saw in a rapid time if the saws blade should hit a knot in the timber section that you are cutting and kicks back towards you.

Ryobi 37.2cc 2 Stroke Engine

The engine that is fitted to this particular 3840T Ryobi Chainsaw is of the two-stroke design with an internal engine capacity of 37.2cc.

For any prospective buyers that are not familiar with two stroke engines, the engine is of a totally different design to 4 stroke engines that are fitted to most cars, motorcycles, and some larger items of garden machinery.

To cut down on the overall weight of the tool, reduce the overall future maintenance requirements, and the manufacturing (and ultimately the sale price) cost, this particular chainsaw (as with most models that are sold) uses a two-stroke engine as opposed to a four stroke one. A 2 stroke engine has fewer components that a 4 stroke one, hence a good reduction in overall weight can be made, as well as a big benefit in the engine requiring less maintenance.

With no cylinder head valves or camshaft and internal timing chain needed (as well as many other typical engine parts) a 2 stroke engine is far simpler in construction than a 4 stroke one.

In operation a two stroke engine sounds completely different to a four stroke one, imagine an old moped or motor scooter (like a Lambretta or a Vespa) and you can probably imagine what this saw will sound like when in use! The engine on a 2 stroke chainsaw fires once every two revolutions of the engine, a four stroke fires once every four revolutions, hence in use they sound totally different.

Ryobi RCS3840 Petrol Chainsaw
Ryobi RCS3840 Petrol Chainsaw

Ryobi RCS3840T Chainsaw Specifications

As already mentioned above, this particular model is packed full of useful and worthwhile features that include:

  • 37.2cc unleaded two stroke petrol engine (output is 1.3kW / 1.8hp)
  • 40 cm (16″ length) guide bar and cutting chain
  • 3 point anti-vibration isolation system
  • 2-position carburettor for simple engine start-up
  • A high chain speed of 23.8 m/s
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Tool-less top maintenance cover
  • Dual-action chain safety brake
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • On board tool storage
  • Fuel tank capacity is 0.3L
  • Chain oil tank capacity is 0.21L
  • Noise level is 108.9 (dB Lwa)
  • Standard equipment inc qty of 2 stroke oil, chain oil, and wrench tool
  • Weight of the Ryobi RCS3840T Petrol Chainsaw is 4.6kg
  • Ryobi 2 year domestic warranty (for home users, not professional users)
Ryobi Chainsaw Being Used With A Chainsaw Sawhorse
Ryobi Chainsaw Being Used With A Chainsaw Sawhorse

Ryobi RCS3840T Chainsaw – Being Used With A Sawhorse

As with all types of chainsaws, we recommend that if you carry out regular work involving “logging” or the cutting of timber for use as firewood – that you consider investing in the purchase of a chainsaw sawhorse.

The above image shows the user carrying out the cutting of a good sized log with the Ryobi RCS3840T Chainsaw, with the log secured in a wooden sawhorse.

Using a sawhorse gives you extra precaution against the saw “kicking back” towards you, it also improves productivity if you are cutting down logs to use in a wood burning stove or oven.

Using PPE With Your New Ryobi Chainsaw

Make sure you use the correct PPE (protective safety equipment) that is recommend by your UK Ryobi chainsaw stockist / supplier including a pair of suitable safety gloves, ear defenders or ear plugs, a safety helmet, face shield or a pair of safety glasses, and a minimum of toe-capped safety footwear, ideally capped safety boots.

Dedicated chainsaw protective footwear and clothing can be purchased from most UK stockists that sell and supply this particular petrol chainsaw, in addition you can buy dedicated chainsaw ppe from online suppliers too including from the likes of Amazon UK and Amazon.Com.

No matter how experienced you are as a user with portable power tools and powered garden machinery, there is no substitute for not wearing protective equipment when using a tool of this type.

Where to buy one of these tools from in the UK?

This particular saw can be purchased from a number of official RYOBI Garden Machinery dealers that are within the UK. In addition it can usually also be purchased online from major UK sellers too.